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Come Down to the Enlightenment namely the PORTAL of Transformation!

Accompanied by Kenji Kumara and Patrick McCormick/KARTRON


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You get to have an exciting opening to be on a new paradigm that has been set up by the establishment of PORTAL of Transformation with Kenji & Kartron’s provocation, tips and guidance. Get Ready for PORTAL of Transformation that will help you to descend into a whole new world!

Be ready to get exemption from hesitancy, despair, dismay and hem in the acceptance to step ahead into a new mode of living.

Would you not like to be assisted and pledged through your walk of life towards your unmistakable Future?

Are you ready to recognize your sole purpose and empower yourself to follow the path which has already been chosen for you?

Would you like to feel the rapture of wholeness?

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Tag along Kenji and KARTRON and prepare yourself for the PORTAL of Transformation!

Kenji Kumara is a Japanese-American born in Berkeley, CA. He specializes in reverberating liveliness medicine and Spiritual awakening. He has been in the field of metaphysical and transformational consciousness and human potential since 1970 and holds degrees in Psychology and Early Childhood Education and Certifications in Medical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Healing.  He aids people who are ready to and desires to practice an unfathomable joining with absolute passion and allowance he performs the role of a linkage among worlds, leads the way to serenity and an inventive to Earth’s new awareness.

He delivers a simple message: “Be the state you want the world to be; Live by the Golden Rule, Be the Clear and Perfect Channel, Trust, Forgive, Allow and Receive. And the best spiritual medicine is hugs, smiles, laughter and spontaneity.”

KARTRON is an extra-ordinary creature, helping humanity to welcome and illustrate their Real Spiritual Capacity. He is ministered by Patrick McCormick, who has been working for 26 years under Greater Domain of Establishment. Kartron provide information from the “other Side” in addition to conducting Transformational energy work for people’s spiritual improvement.

Adrienne Elise is an Instinctive Mender and Instructor in Missoula, Montana. She is a Traditional Homeopath and a Waldorf-trained Teacher. She has done full Master Series I of Kenji Kumara and she is a singer plus songwriter as well. She has been looking for a way to pass Spiritual and Transformative guidance to people that led her to initiate PORTAL of Transformation Spiritual Workshop Event in collaboration with PORTAL Music Festival.