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Portal Music Festival Lolo Hot Springs, Montana

PORTAL of Transformation Spiritual Workshop Event

‘Feast of First Fruits’…. of the new Paradigm

A life-changing trial alongside Kenji Kumara and Patrick McCormick/KARTRON, at The Crystal Theatre, Missoula, Montana In collaboration with PORTAL Music Festival: A Transformational Festival at Lolo Hot Springs, Montana

“Together we celebrate and demonstrate these ‘first fruits’ of our new paradigm.

We gain inspiration and focus to move forward in our lives in a whole new way.     

In the PORTAL, we are a living example of what is possible.”

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PORTAL Music Festival is a Transformational Festival that is full 3-Days of spiritual awareness. People can simply enjoy three days to live, play, do yoga, attend healing workshops, engross themselves into painting & gallery and all-night music. The Basic aim of the festival is to bring alertness to people of ways to kindle personal growth and bring them to a whole new world.

This is a living workshop, creating a world of possibility which can serve to bring increasing hope and personal motivation. The long range plan is to make PORTALfest an annual event, coupled with sister event, ‘PORTAL of Transformation’ a spiritual workshop which will happen in the days leading up to the festival.

The festival creates enlightenment to people’s spiritual consciousness and convey optimism and tranquility. The PORTAL Music Festival in association with, ‘PORTAL of Transformation’ a spiritual workshop that’ll take place around festival days aim to make this an annual procedure, providing a chance to drown into a new age of Earth.

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Lineups include Kaminanda, Desert Dwellers, Tropo, Spankalicious, Treavor Moontribe, Earthwake, Logisticalone, Michael Manahan, Enzymes, Josh Farmer Band, among others.

ENTER THE PORTAL and get ready to experience a brand-new world of Artistic generation. Ravish into a magical place far from worldly worries and despairs. A place to be yourself and express the potential deep within yourself. A place to inspire and be inspired. Let us come together for a soulful journey of healing, motivation, intertwining with each other and bring ourselves into a world of peace and refinement of our souls.

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Top Reasons For Going To A Music Festival

People go to Music Festival every now and then to enjoy a weekend full of music and fun. If you haven’t been to one yet here’s top 10 reasons for going to a music festival:


If you are a music lover and love to hear your favorite artists playing there is no better way to catch them in action that attending a festival, they’ll be performing at. Also, Festivals allow you to save up money that you might spend on a single concert with a good DJ or a pop/rock band instead festivals offer a weakened filled with exciting music line ups from your favorite artist and so many more. You might even get a chance to find a new favorite among the new rising artists at the festival. It’s a very good chance to find new genres and singers that you might like. Plus, you get to see multiple performances on a single day budget. It’s the best way to create new memories that you won’t be able to forget.


Making New Friends:

Well isn’t it true you will meet tons of different people having fun and times of their life in the festival. Aside from having fun with your best friends you might get a chance to even make new ones. They could be anyone your tent neighbor or the person sitting next to you during a performance or even that guy next in line with you in a bar. Everyone is there to create memories and have a blasting time with their favorite music you never know what person becomes your future friend among them thousands of people. There might be a person who shares your taste in music or food or anything else that you are interested in.


Making Memories:

Usually when you decide to go to a Festival its with your group of friends and then a music festival is a one good place to have a time of your life. Its not just about the music and your favorite DJs and Bands its about all the experiences combined that you come to face during the time of festival. Like little memories that you create while on the road, setting up your tent, sleeping together under the sky, those little fun times with friends means a lot and if you are ever going to be looking back to your life those times are sure to be one of the best memories you have. Now a days Coachella and Lollapalooza festivals are going on top. Some of tickets are still available. You can get Lollapalooza tickets cheap or Coachella Festival tickets 2019 from Tickets4Festivals.com.

A Chance to Dress Up Fancy:

Festivals are considered as a place where you can be who you are and what you inspire to be a place you are free to express yourself and the best way to do that is with outfits. There are millions of Fashion blogs and magazines brimming with latest fashion trends and tons of dress ups solely for festival goers. You can also use your imagination to come up with an outfit of your own.

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Another good thing about festivals is that you can drink in daytime and don’t have to worry about driving home either. You can enjoy your favorite drinks under the sun while relishing your preferred music. But still to make sure nothing gets too dangerous you better stay responsible and drink only to the point you can enjoy.



One of the best part about festival is camping. Many festivals offer camping on festival grounds and a lot of people do that every year. Even if you are not a camping person and afraid some insect is going to crawl into your ear while you sleep on the ground or something else still you need to at least have one experience of camping in a festival. It is a sure way to not miss even a single show of your favorite performances. Imagine being waking up to the sounds of music. If you are still not much sure about it how about checking out some of luxurious camping alternatives offered by festivals I sure hope that captures your attention.

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Enjoying The Weather:

What could be a better way to enjoy summer breeze a pure clean sky and sun than to enjoy it while listening to your favorite music you can do that and much more at a festival at the same with thousands of people. Of course, we know the weather never follows up one rule and it can change into rain in a second. So, we suggest to be prepared, either its sunny outside or clouds are covering the sky you need to be prepared for everything bring your sunscreen and rain jackets as well and all the other items you might need. cheap Portland folk festival tickets are also available now at Tickets4Festivals.